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The Technology Revolution Completes The Social Innovation !!!

About Us

Hills Engineering Co., Ltd. is a technology company that strives to realize a healthy life through technology. It provides next-generation 'AI' + 'Robotics' technology that anyone can use for customers such as logistics centers, distribution stores, airports, hotels, and hospitals who want to introduce intelligent robots, distribution and logistics robots, embedded S/W ROS1, remote By providing multiple control services (RMS/SCS/DIS) together, it plays the role of an integrated system provider that encompasses operation/post-management rather than simple robot manufacturing.

- Lo-robot
- Coro-bot
- Hey-bot
- Hi-bot

Technology Revolution is completed with Consulting (discovering customer needs), Engineering (Engineering R&D methodology), and System & Solution (establishing systematic management methodology). And, the Technology Revolution realized in this way will be the driving force behind the Community’s Social Innovation that changes the logistics field to which we belong. This is the CES Innovation Methodology pursued by the Hills Group.

This CES Innovation Methodology will transform the logistics site with 3D (Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous) characteristics into new Smart Logistics with CES (Clean, Easy, Safe) characteristics. As a result, it was reborn as a human-centered smart logistics center that utilizes ergonomic future technology from a manpower-oriented, labor-dependent 3D logistics center to CES Innovation Methodology, preventing industrial accidents, reducing turnover, and improving industrial productivity. It will be reborn as a Smart Fulfillment Center that raises social contribution and employee happiness index.

Hills Group will follow the 5S (Smart, Standard, Safety, Stability, Sustainability) Principle to implement Smart Logistics with CES characteristics. In doing so, the existing SCM (Supply Chain Management) pursued by the traditional logistics industry will be efficiently pursued to generate economic profits, and the profits will be used to supply the necessary resources (MRO) to the new SCM (School, Church, Medical Center). And, although the beginning is small, we firmly believe in the idea that the end will be very great, and in the end we will build the Kingdom of New SCM (Shool, Church, Medical Center) and share the true joy of management with the world.

The true founding philosophy that always holds us in the realization of Hills’ management philosophy started from the following scriptures.

‘On the Lord’s Hills, He Provides (Gen 22:14)’

The representative is Myung-gyu Park.

Company History


01 Participated in CES2022


12 Korea Robot Society Technology Award
11 Awarded Appreciation Plaque from Chief of Army Staff
10 TIPS selection
10 Received the RoboWorld Award
10 Venture Square Investment Attraction
07 Coro-bot Red Dot Award Winner (Winner Services)
04 Participated in Hannover Messe 2021
03 Participated in CES Innovation Award winning product exhibition
03 Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Investment Option Department Guarantee KRW 1 billion
01 Participated in CES 2021


12 CES2021 Innovation Award for Robotics
11 Awarded the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Administration Award
11 Received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award at the Korea Logistics Awards
11 Received order for joint investment R&D project with purchase condition (government institutional investment, quarantine robot project)
10 Internet of Things 2022 Non-face-to-face exhibition AI-based autonomous driving quarantine robot exhibited
10 Selected as a stepping stone startup project non-face-to-face field project (non-face-to-face self-driving logistics / quarantine unmanned moving vehicle)
10 Received GBSA Global Accelerating IR Global Day Encouragement Award
10 Roboworld 2020 Gyeonggi-do Office AI-based autonomous driving quarantine robot exhibited
09 Agreement on export of GCC industrial robots to the Middle East
08 Moved head office (Suwon Gwanggyo->Bundang Pangyo)
08 Selected contract for win-win technology exchange program with government agencies (industrial robot project)
07 Pangyo IoT Innovation Center selected as a small and medium-sized company and relocated to corporate research center
06 Venture Business Certification(20200108327)
06 eBay logistics center introduction process in progress
05 Hanseo University Industry-University Joint Technology Development Project (AI-based autonomous driving quarantine robot research and development) support project
04 Lotte Accelerator Co., Ltd. L-camp 7th examination passed (752社中 40位)
04 Moved into Pangyo Startup Campus
03 Hanseo University family company certification (Robot R&D field)
03Signed MOU for cooperation with Hyundai Infracore Smart Logistics Business (Fire and Disaster Prevention)
02 Seongnam Hi-Tech Valley Industrial Complex Smart Factory Industrial Group Planning Councilor Appointed
02 Selected as a 200 million technology guarantee fund (technology guarantee support) company
01 Appointed as co-chair of the 4th Industry Committee of the Korean Productivity Association
01 Exhibited CES2020/Las Vegas AI-based autonomous driving robot
01 Signed MOU for 『Smart Logistics Business Cooperation』 with BG in Silicon Valley


11 Korea Productivity Society Productivity CEO Award
11 Signed MOU for 『Smart Logistics Business Cooperation』 with FSS Co., Ltd. specialized in Smart Logistics Fulfillment
11 Exhibited at AI Summit2019 Robot (AI+Robotics field)
10 GBSA Gyeonggi Robot Training Industry (S/W Advancement) Support Project
10 Capital increase (KRW 1 million -> KRW 55 million)
09 Hanyang University Family Company Certification
09 Established company-affiliated research institute (registration number 2019114042)
09 Head office relocation (Guro, Seoul -> Gwanggyo, Suwon)
06 Hanyang University Linc+ industry-university joint technology development and technology transfer (robot R&D field)
02 Gyeonggi Startup LAB (AI+Robot) Selected as a resident company


12 인천Selected as a childcare company by the Creative Economy Innovation Center
06 Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center Autonomous Driving Logistics Robot Project Selection
03 company establishment date

Hills Robotics

(Former) Hills Engineering

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