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From smart factories to robots...A new leap forward with "Hills Robotics"

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Hills Engineering Co., Ltd., an AI-based intelligent logistics robot platform specializing in multi-purpose logistics robot intelligent operation platform “SOLOMAN” and multi-purpose unmanned mobile hardware platform “DaviD,” changed its name to “Hills Robotics Co., Ltd.”

Hills Robotics was recognized for its growth potential in the robot business as it promoted the Pre Series A this year. Furthermore, he took a new leap forward with Hills Robotics Co., Ltd. in the sense of focusing more on the target market of the robot industry. With the change of mission, Hills Robotics is continuing to play an active role in various fields.

Hills Robotics, which owns a factory in Seongnam Hi-Tech Valley, was elected vice chairman at the launching ceremony of the robot convergence mini-cluster in June this year, playing a central role in the development of the ‘AI+Robotics’ industry in Pangyo, Seongnam, especially with our robot operation platform ‘Solomon’.

In addition, it plans to continue its activities as an autonomous driving platform company as it has been selected as a promising autonomous driving technology company at the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Sunter operated by the Seoul National University Convergence Technology Institute. The self-driving center, a key startup holy place in Pangyo, where excellent venture companies such as Seoul Robotics, Morai, Bit Sensing, and Blue Whale successfully launched their business, is a core area with abundant autonomous driving infrastructure, and Hills Robotics will make a new start here.

Not only this. Hills Robotics has another big celebration. It has delivered two types of autonomous driving robots to NEPES, one of Korea’s leading semiconductor companies. Intelligent guide robots and self-driving logistics robots are the main characters.

NEPAS plans to establish an avatar-type guidance robot operating system that can solve VIP’s curiosity by freely wandering inside the semiconductor line like a medical endoscope robot that moves around the inside of a person’s body without opening the line to the outside.

In implementing a guide robot that can freely communicate while wandering around the interior space of semiconductor lines with high security ratings, it has decided to form a relationship with Hill’s intelligent guide robot. The project will also be applied to Solomon, an autonomous driving platform owned by Hills Robotics, and the SCS platform, a multi-purpose IoT technology that can transmit high-resolution images even in Internet environments.

Semiconductor supply facilities are divided into memory semiconductors and system semiconductors. The memory semiconductor field, where a large amount of facilities are invested, has characteristics of large-scale small-scale products and is composed of relatively fixed repetitive copper such as AGV in the wafer movement process.

However, since the system semiconductor line has small-volume variety characteristics, the wafer movement process is designed as an autonomous copper that can move freely, such as AMR. This requires an intelligent AMR that needs to safely move wafers of various sizes.

The deployed AMR should freely cross the bump line, the Soing line, the SIP line, and the T&R line without the help of the workers. At this time, logistics robots are considered a very important factor because they have to pass flexibly between elevators and automatic doors within security areas where clean standards are maintained at high density and freely enter and exit like humans.

The robot, an artificial intelligence-based autonomous driving intelligent logistics robot developed by Hills Robotics, is expected to boast its driving skills while wandering around this difficult working environment.

The robot’s performance will be controlled through an integrated server located in Hills Robotics’ Pangyo “AI+Robotics Lab” and will be sent to the “AI+IoT+Robotics” R&D Center of Kyocera Group, a leading Japanese telecommunication company located in Yokohama across the county. These success stories will also be presented at an international conference to be held around October this year.

Regarding this project, Hills Robotics plans to participate in the “Smart City Expo” exhibition at KINTEX from August 31st with Goyang City Hall to showcase stable robot driving technology.

At the same time as announcing the operating case of the docent robot, which is already being demonstrated at the Children’s Museum in Goyang City, it will also be broadcasted in real time to overseas exhibition halls under the theme of “Smart Museum.”

Hills Robotics CEO Park Myung-kyu said, “Hills Robotics plans to use its business performance in the semiconductor industry to supply various high-performance intelligent logistics robots to global semiconductor businesses and manufacturing companies in the future and to become a meaningful track recorder to actively enter the smart logistics and smart factory markets.” He also explained, “We will actively enter overseas markets while contributing to the development of ‘Smart Power’ businesses in developing countries by launching an artificial intelligence-based autonomous robot platform along with Korea Central Power Co., Ltd., which has already entered Indonesia.”

Meanwhile, Hills Robotics’ technology has received a lot of attention in overseas markets.

Hills Robotics, which has participated in CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas every year, has won two CES Innovation Awards in the “AI+ Robotics” field during the past two years of exhibition online due to COVID-19, signaling the weather of the Korean robot industry to overseas markets.

The Red Dot Awards, one of the world’s top three design awards, also won the main award, the Services Winner Award. As a result, it has received various types of business love calls in the overseas market and is producing remarkable results in significant collaboration with leading domestic companies such as Korea Central Power Generation, COEX, and Kolon Group.

Hills Robotics

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