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Advancement of Smart Logistics Operation Sites
and Technical Cooperation are the answer

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According to data from a logistics industry market forecasting agency, the global logistics center market is expected to be about 1.8 million by 2025.

With the development of e-commerce and the D2C market, the growth curve of the logistics industry is rapidly curved, while the training of professionals and the job shortage at the industrial site are intensifying day by day.

It is a common problem in industrial sites around the world in conjunction with the global social phenomenon Great Resignation after COVID-19, and to solve this problem, the logistics industry site is rapidly seeking to smarten logistics technology or automate logistics centers.

The same is true of the country. Intelligent logistics robots have also begun to appear in Coupang’s fulfillment logistics center, and as logistics robots have been applied to CJ Logistics, endless technological cooperation across the country’s borders and industrial boundaries is taking place in various industrial sites.

In line with this trend, Hills Engineering Co., Ltd., a company specializing in building smart logistics platforms, is drawing attention from the industry as it is strengthening technical cooperation with partners in various fields to diversify its business.

Hills Engineering, which is promoting international R&D cooperation with Israel’s advanced technology to upgrade logistics robots, cooperated with MOVAI, an AI platform company, in early 2022, followed by strengthening technology cooperation with Robot AI, a vision technology company.

Taking this as a stepping stone, many business cooperation is currently being strengthened with domestic companies.

Park Myung-kyu, CEO of Hills Engineering, said, “These examples are good examples that show that various open innovations are the answer to logistics sites. Therefore, we are promoting a lot of technological cooperation in Korea.”

First of all, Hills Engineering decided to cooperate in many industrial sites by promoting technological cooperation to optimize spatial efficiency of distribution centers with Tectrayer, which is building an intelligent inventory management system in the backhand of artificial intelligence-based logistics centers and distribution stores.

Analysts say that Robots, an AMR provided by Hills Engineering, is meaningful in that it helps operational efficiency of goods movement and inventory management in the ground space, and Textracer performs a higher customer value to logistics companies by providing a higher level of inventory management efficiency in the upper space of the logistics center.

In addition, Hills Engineering plans to cooperate with Korea’s leading mid-sized logistics system company to create synergy in the operation of e-commerce fulfillment centers.

The company is one of the leading distribution system companies with domestic rights to the Norwegian system company Autostore. Nexus is distributing a Korean-style WMS, and it will combine Norway’s Auto Store, an excellent solution that can increase inventory management efficiency in a small space, and Hills Engineering’s AMR robot, an Inaus micro-mile solution that can operate in a logistics center, to create a great synergy in the intra-logistic field.

“We can expect more than four times the efficiency of space management compared to ASRS, an unmanned logistics center inventory management system, and we value Korea, the world’s fifth-largest e-commerce power, as one of the important strategic markets,” said Otostore’s technology director.

Based on this, experts in the logistics industry expect that Robots, an AI-based autonomous robot operation platform provided by Auto Store inventory management system and Hills Engineering, will be able to provide companies with greater synergy than expected.

In addition, Hills Engineering signed an MOU with TeamGreet, a communication technology technology company that accumulates Internet-based video information transmission technology at ETRI, in the SCS field designed as a data production device operation model at the 5G IoT Testbed Center operated by KT.

CEO Park said, “Based on this, we decided to demonstrate and present this technology at the ‘IoT & AI Technology Development Center’ of Kyocera Group in Yokohama Prefecture in October this year.” To this end, KT, Timgrit, and Hills Engineering signed a three-way MOU, he said.

It also plans to apply this advanced video transmission technology to the field in Korea’s leading semiconductor companies. As is already known, semiconductor factories are important industrial sites at the national level, so experts say that if this technology is applied to industrial sites this year, it will be a very meaningful track recorder.

As such, Hills Engineering is making efforts to actively apply robot technology to smart logistics industrial sites and service robot operation sites as well as various R&D and business cooperation activities at home and abroad.

It has established and is currently operating a docent robot operation system at the Goyang Children’s Museum, and has decided to develop various service robot operation sites and apply multi-dimensional intelligent robots by forming a solid cooperation system with the Goyang Cultural Foundation.

“The logistics and robot industries are expected to continue the merger of these meaningful various technological cooperations. Self-driving robot technologies and vision technologies, artificial intelligence technologies and robotics, communication technologies, automation and semi-automatic technologies, and consulting and engineering industries are expected to continue to develop with Frenemy.” “Hills Engineering will play that role in the future,” he said.

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