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Hills Robotics recognizes "TI-2 technical grade"...Global Market Makers

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Experts say that the global economy after COVID-19 is facing a major industrial transition, represented by three keywords. Digital Transformation, Green Transformation, and Supply Chain Transformation.

In the midst of these three-high (high prices, high exchange rates, and high interest rates), the domestic robot industry, which has a weak industrial base, is making efforts to catch two rabbits: survival and growth.

In this situation, Hills Robotics, a robot-specialized tech company that is drawing attention for its differentiated technological competitiveness, is drawing attention from the industry.

Hills Robotics announced that it was selected as a TIPS company in November last year and was recognized as a “TI-2 technology grade” by NICE Credit Rating in November this year.

This is the highest level of technology that start-up companies or venture companies can receive except for listed companies, and Hills Robotics took this as a stepping stone to enter the global market in 2022 and achieved meaningful results.

Hills Robotics has Solomon, an artificial intelligence-based autonomous driving all-around platform that can be applied to various types of robot implementations.

In particular, Solomon is a customized autonomous robot operation software that has the meaning of Solution On Demand and is called Bispork of a kind of robot operation platform. Using these robot platform leading technologies as stepping stones, they entered the global market and were recognized for their differentiated technological competitiveness.

It was also the first robot company to win an innovation award for three consecutive years at the world’s largest consumer electronics show CES for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023, and based on this, it exported robots to Indonesia, a huge emerging economy.

In addition, it was selected as the 2022 Korea Robot Company of the Year organized by the Korea Robot Newspaper with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, and its technology was recognized in Korea.

Hills Robotics CEO Park Myung-kyu said, “Hills Robotics has been able to achieve significant results in various fields of the global market, which is difficult for leading companies, by using ‘Outside In Strategy’ focusing on Korean robot technology.”

In addition, Hills Robotics recently signed an MOU with the Korea Robot User Association (KORUA) to promote mutual business cooperation. The purpose is to jointly develop advanced technologies in the Korean robot industry, foster the re-manufacturing robot refurbishment industry, and jointly carry out cooperation to revitalize manufacturing process technologies using robots.

In addition, it promised to carry out various cooperative projects to join forces in the cooperative industry that supplies various robots to Juju Land, a robot amusement park located in Goyang.

Meanwhile, Hills Robotics plans to actively target the Southeast Asian robot market by utilizing the Southeast Asian network of the Singapore-based Asia Pacific Assistant Robot Association (APARA) to strategically increase its market share.

In particular, next year, in recognition of his experience of participating in CES in collaboration with KAIST’s URL Research Institute and winning the CES Innovation Award for the first time as a startup company for many years, he will be invited as an exhibition company at the Robot Special Hall.

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