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Self-driving robot platform 'SOLOMAN' is speeding up
its entry into the Indonesian market

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Hills Robotics Co., Ltd., a logistics robot company that operates the multi-purpose logistics robot intelligent operation platform “SOLOMAN” and the multi-purpose unmanned mobile hardware platform “DaviD,” will enter Indonesia, a rising market in Southeast Asia.

ONE Robotics Education, which signed an MOU with Hills Robotics, is a Singapore-based Asia Pacific Assistant Robotics Association (APARA) council member company that has a significant impact on not only Indonesia but also Southeast Asia.

Along with this mutual cooperation MOU, ONE Robotics promised not only to serve as a bridgehead for Solomon’s advance into Southeast Asia, but also to cooperate in the overseas export of Hills Robotics’ logistics robot, “Robot.”

When the cooperation between the two companies enters the stabilization stage in the future, it plans to carry out technical cooperation for local production of rorobot. It has decided to export Solomon as an embedded autonomous robot engine and commission robot locally.

Through this, Hills Robotics will be able to distribute competitive robots in the Indonesian market, which has an FTA. The factory automation and logistics automation markets, which are at the center of major changes in the Indonesian market, are also expected to provide an opportunity to export robots, Solomon-based intelligent logistics robots.

ONE Robotics Education Julius emphasized, “We are very interested in digital transformation through ICT education and the spread of 4th Industrial Revolution technology of Indonesian young people, and we also have high expectations for cooperation with Hills Robotics in innovation in Indonesian agricultural sites through the spread of intelligent logistics technology.”

For a new leap forward, ONE Robotics will jointly explore the Indonesian market as a distributor of Hills Robotics in Indonesia and expand its capabilities in the Southeast Asian robot market, which has APARA influence, by expanding intelligent robots in related markets such as smart cities and smart farms.

In addition, it plans to focus on improving the low-cost, low-efficiency manpower-oriented process at Indonesian agricultural sites, improving the high-cost, low-efficiency field problems of Korean farming villages, and introducing intelligent industrial robots to solve the labor shortage at agricultural sites.

“Based on this opportunity, Hills Robotics will participate in the smart power plant project to effectively solve global climate change issues and environmental problems with central Korea, which operates eight power plants in Indonesia,” said Park Myung-kyu, CEO of Hills Robotics.

Until now, Hills Robotics Co., Ltd. has been recognized for its reputation abroad more than at home. He has participated in CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas every year, and has won two CES Innovation Awards in the “AI+ Robotics” category without a miss even when it is held online due to COVID-19.

In addition, he won the Services Winner Award, the main prize, at the Red Dot Awards, the world’s top three design awards, and received various forms of love calls in the overseas market, and is actively carrying out domestic activities. In the future, Hills Robotics will further expand its scope of activities by collaborating with leading companies such as Korea Central Power, COEX, and Kolon Group.

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