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Hills Engineering Co., Ltd. exhibits Heybot in response to Corona with the performance report hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology

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Hills Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter Hills Engineering), a company specializing in autonomous driving-based logistics robots, participated in the performance report hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Science and Technology) and exhibited its excellent products.

The Ministry of Science and Technology held the ‘Intelligent Internet of Things-based Public Safety and Convenience Support Performance Report’ at the Yangjae L Tower in Seoul on February 16 (Wednesday). The performance report was jointly hosted by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), the Korea Intelligent Information Society Agency (NIA), the Information and Communication Planning and Evaluation Institute (IITP), and the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA). Based on the slogan of ‘Safe and convenient!’, ▲Government R&D tasks ▲Applied diffusion project results ▲CES 2022 excellent products were exhibited and demonstrated.

Hills Engineering introduced ‘Heybot’, which won the Innovation Award at CES 2022. Heybot, an AI smart-based disinfection and guide robot developed by Hills Engineering, performs non-face-to-face work in large-scale gathering facilities such as convention centers and hospitals, which are vulnerable to quarantine in the global pandemic, and prevents the spread of the virus. It is a specialized robot to lead the times.

For customer safety, Heybot is designed to operate a UVC lamp with sterilization function and a chemical spray nozzle contactless through 5G communication. In addition, sterilization and air cleaning filters and air freshener spraying can be optionally built in, providing a healing function to the vulnerable people in hospitals and nursing homes, beyond simple quarantine and guidance.

In addition to social distancing guidelines, facial recognition technology is applied to the robot to measure body temperature when entering, and personal quarantine is possible using the hand sanitizer nozzle located under the guidance screen.

Hills Engineering achieved achievements for the second time in a row after being awarded as the quarantine robot Coro-Bot® at CES2021 through Heybot, and recently received the Red Dot Design Award. The company has signed a POC with Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO) as a co-robot, and is preparing various references such as conducting a demonstration project at COEX through Heybot.

An official from Hills Engineering said, “We expect that the ‘Intelligent Internet of Things-based Public Safety and Convenience Support Performance Report’ hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT will be of great help to the rapid spread of intelligent IoT in the future.” “Hills Engineering’s AI We hope that Heybot, a smart-based disinfection and guide robot, will be an effective solution to open the era of With Corona.”

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