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Hills Engineering presents robot operating S/W 'SOLOMAN'
at International Logistics Exhibition

source : http://www.engjournal.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1926

[Reporter Kim Ha-nui of Engineering Journal] Hills Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in the KOREA MAT at the International Logistics Industry Exhibition held in KINTEX from June 14 to 17 and introduced “Toyingbot,” an autonomous logistics robot that can turn off rolltainers, and “Solomon.” At the exhibition, which was attended by major participants in the logistics industry, it simultaneously launched products that are highly utilizable in the logistics industry, giving key customers a clear impression on Hills Engineering’s brand, product, and technology.

Solomon, which was released this time, is an autonomous driving software that can be applied to various robot hardware so that it can fully utilize the scalability of autonomous driving technology. Solomon is largely divided into parts related to robot driving and robot operation.

The part about robot driving is equipped with SLAM technology without separate markers such as QR and magnet, functions to recognize the surroundings, bypass obstacles, prevent collisions, and follow functions. Among them, SLAM technology and follow-up function are factors that Hills Engineering especially focuses on R&D.

Hills Engineering’s SLAM technology contains know-how to maximize a given hardware performance through software technology, enabling accurate mapping without expensive LiDAR. This is a part of CEO Park Myung-kyu’s concern to provide self-driving solutions to more customers by setting product prices more reasonably.

In addition, Hills Engineering’s following function is easy to use because it follows a designated person by distinguishing people only by shape, and it has an excellent ability to distinguish people. Regarding robot operation, it is equipped with functions to control several robots at the same time to optimize their path and mission performance, monitor the location of many robots, battery conditions, missions, etc. in real time, and remote update and A/ Solomon was able to be released at the event after verifying its versatility through several demonstration projects and on-site operations for various products.

Hills Engineering’s new robot product, Toyingbot, also attracted many visitors from the first day of the event. Toyingbot is the main product of Hills Engineering, a robot based on the scalability of the robot, and is a product with a part attached to the robot’s fuselage that can turn off the rolltainer. By default, it is set to drag up to 100 kg, but depending on the setting, it can carry more weight.

CEO Park Myung-kyu said, “Based on Hills Engineering’s logistics expertise, we came up with a new product that can respond to various work scenarios at the logistics site, and as a result, we launched Toybot,” adding, “This event was a time for Hills Engineering to meet various participants in the logistics field to understand various needs of the market.” “We will continue to discuss logistics automation and introduction of robots with major domestic retailers, and we will continue to communicate with military officials and large farm operators about the introduction of customized robots based on autonomous transportation solutions.”

Source: Engineering Journal (http://www.engjournal.co.kr)

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