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2022 Korea Robot Company of the Year awards ceremony, held on the 19th.

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The “2022 Korea Robot Company of the Year” award ceremony was held at 10:30 a.m. on the 19th at the L Tower in Yangjae-dong, attended by Cho Kyu-nam, CEO and publisher of Robot Newspaper, Kim Ho-chul, head of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Son Woong-hee, Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, Cho Young-hoon, full-time vice chairman of the Korea Robot Industry Association, and 26 award-winning company.

The “Korea Robot Company of the Year” was first established by the Robot Newspaper in 2016, and this year is the seventh.

A total of 26 companies were selected in five categories, including industrial robots, professional service robots, personal service robots, robot parts, and robot SW/platforms, by evaluating comprehensive factors such as contributions to the development of the Korean robot industry, future growth potential, CEO management capabilities, new products, and market reactions.

If you look at the selected companies by sector, △ Industrial robots: Naurobotics, Neuromeca, Doosan Robotics, Tyrobotics, Hyundai Robotics, etc. △ Professional service robots: Goyoung Technology, Robot & Design, Sicon, X-Wage, LG Electronics, Curexo, Twini, Tyrabotics, Kororobotics, Hill Robotics, etc. △ Personal robot, etc.

Among these companies, Eugene Robot has been honored for seven years since 2016, Neuromecca for six years from 2017, and Doosan Robotics for five consecutive years. T-Robotics is the fifth award, and Syscon, SPG, Angel Robotics, Heisen Motor, and Hyundai Robotics have also won awards for the fourth consecutive year this year. Robotis is the fourth winner, and Ko Young Technology, Adin Robotics, Curexo, Clobot, and Tweeney have won three consecutive awards. Robot & Design, X-Wage, LG Electronics, and Hexa Human Care were awarded for the second consecutive year, while Naurobotics, Big Wavebotics, Synaptic Imaging, UND, Kogarobotics, Tira Robotics, and Hills Robotics were honored for the first time this year.

At the awards ceremony, Cho Kyu-nam, CEO of Robot Newspaper, said in a greeting, “The domestic robot industry has grown significantly this year even in a difficult environment, but there is still a long way to go.” “Only when companies with sales of more than 1 trillion won in the robot sector are created and more than 10 companies with sales of 100 billion won are released, the domestic robot industry can take root firmly,” he said. “The domestic robot industry has various tasks such as localizing robot parts, fostering SI companies, and building a robot ecosystem, but if the robot industry joins forces, it will be able to achieve sufficient results,” he said, wishing for a new leap forward in the domestic robot industry.

Kim Ho-chul, head of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s mechanical robot aviation division, said in a congratulatory speech, “This year, the robot industry faced a new turning point in terms of scope and size, and it was a year when autonomous driving technology became a reality and the new government’s robot policy was redesigned.” Using robot artificial intelligence as a new keyword, we are thinking about upgrading artificial intelligence necessary for robot commercialization. In addition, robot artificial intelligence is included in the 12th national strategic technology of the Ministry of Science and ICT, he explained the direction of next year’s project, saying, “We will further support the robot artificial intelligence field next year and further refine our policy to make it into the global robot three-tier.”

Sohn Woong-hee, head of the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, said, “This year, the 2030 plan was created through public-private cooperation, and this plan became the basis for the preemptive regulatory roadmap 2.0. He also introduced this year’s achievements, saying, “We expanded the standard process model to areas such as ships and aviation, established a 5G-based demonstration center, and created a Gumi vocational innovation center.” “The Agency is supporting practical tasks to prevent unrealized tasks from falling into Death Valley through government tasks,” he said, suggesting, “I hope a model will come out that can demonstrate robot parts developed in Korea centered on the Korea Robot Industry Association.”

Following the congratulatory speech, awards and certificate delivery ceremonies were held for 26 award-winning companies. After the awards ceremony, an industry meeting was held with Kim Ho-chul, head of the mechanical robot aviation division of the Ministry of Industry, Son Woong-hee, head of the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, Cho Young-hoon, vice chairman of the Korea Robot Industry Association, and Yoo Hyun-soo, robot PD.

Meanwhile, the companies that won the “2022 Korea Robot Company of the Year” are as follows.


◇ Professional Service Robot

Koyoung Technology Co., Ltd., Robot & Design Co., Ltd., Sicon Co., Ltd., XWY Co., Ltd., LG Electronics Co., Ltd., Kogarobotics Co., Ltd., Curexo Co., Ltd., Twiny Co., Tira Robotics Co., Ltd., and Hills Robotics Co., Ltd.

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