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Hills Robotics won the CES 2023 Innovation Award for the third consecutive year

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Hills Robotics Co., Ltd., a robot tech company that owns the AI-based autonomous logistics robot operation platform “SOLOMAN™,” said it recently won its third innovation award at CES2023 for its Hi-bot, following CES2021 Coro-bot and CES2022 Hey-bot. In particular, Hills Robotics’ “Hi-bot,” which won the Innovation Award this time, is drawing more attention as a successful industry-academic cooperation product created in cooperation with KAIST’s URL Research Institute.

In order to achieve the challenge of cost optimization and safety, which is the Achilles’ heel of the robot industry, KAIST URL’s latest patented 3D high-precision map production technology (hereinafter referred to as Hybrid SLAM) was innovatively applied, and the platform was designed to be commonly applied to industrial and service sites in the future.

Through this, Hi-Bot, which was created as an optimized AI-based intelligent autonomous driving advanced robot that can be effectively applied to various operating sites, is also technically differentiating itself in the engineering field.

First, based on the effective non-face-to-face meeting support function, Hi-Bot implemented the world’s first metaverse, docent/non-face-to-face meeting support function using 360-degree omnidirectional stereoscopic hologram technology.

It is also noteworthy that the disease spread prevention and quarantine function was applied to meet the pandemic era. The non-contact touch screen method is used to effectively block contamination propagation caused by contact and provides a plasma air quarantine function.

In particular, Hi-Bot is differentiated in that it is a multifunctional mobile platform with built-in artificial intelligence and SLAM-based autonomous driving intelligent platform ‘SOLOMAN™’, which is a characteristic technology of Hills Robotics.

“SOLOMAN™” means “Solution on Demand,” and can be said to be a customized platform designed to meet various needs of customers. It is also called the ‘BISPOKE’ of the robot operating system, and it seems that it can be used efficiently in various environments.

In addition, the Hi-bot can be seen as an artificial intelligence-based quarantine/dosent/information robot suitable for the With COVID-19 era in that it has sterilization/air cleaning/therapy functions considering various indoor environments and customer tastes, and is expected to be widely used in multi-use public places such as domestic and foreign museums, hospitals, and airports.

Hills Robotics CEO Park Myung-kyu said, “Hills Robotics is still an early start-up, and I am happy to receive the ‘TI-2’, the highest technology grade that venture companies can receive, in early November this year,” adding, “We will continue to open the good news at CES in November this year.”

Meanwhile, Hills Robotics, which won the Innovation Award at CES for three consecutive years, won the honor of a robot technology company that won the CES Innovation Award for the first time in the world in the field of ‘AI+ Robotics’. At CES 2023, which will return through this, it will be displayed at the Eureka Innovation Hall and Robot Enterprise Hall, where innovative technologies will gather, at the same time to meet global buyers.

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