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Hills Engineering – IO&Co Korea, MOU signed

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Hill’s Engineering announced on the 17th that it had signed a ‘Smart Logistics R&D Mutual Cooperation Business Agreement’ with IO&Co Korea, a fulfillment specialist.

This agreement was carried out for collaboration in smart logistics R&D research work, and Hills Engineering first supplied two AI-based autonomous driving logistics robots to the ‘Yesbee Hive Center’, a 2,000-pyeong fulfillment center located in Anseong-si. It was decided to start the demonstration work and additionally supply logistics robots to the Yesbee Hive Center Incheon, which is currently under construction with a size of 1,500 pyeong, in the future.

To this end, the two companies decided to cooperate with each other in areas such as smart factory stabilization project, smart logistics center realization, and information and human exchange by utilizing their resources and capabilities.

Hills Engineering was established in 2018 as an autonomous driving logistics robot tech company, and in addition to logistics robots, it is also producing quarantine robots and guide robots. Although it is a start-up company that has been established for four years, it has won the Innovation Award for two consecutive years at CES, the world’s largest home appliance exhibition, and won the Red Dot Award, one of the world’s three major design awards, last year. It is being recognized for its technological prowess in the field of ‘AI+Robotics’ with great interest from global companies.

After starting the fulfillment business for global export in 2015, IO&Co Korea will start full-fledged this year through continuous partnerships with promising domestic brands with high growth potential based on the global fulfillment-related know-how accumulated through Yesbee wholesale service for 7 years. We are expanding our business to the domestic 3PL area.

We are taking aggressive steps to expand fulfillment services, such as the opening of Yesbee Hive Center in Anseong in January and the opening of Yesbee Hive Center in Incheon in April. It provides a system for integrated management.

Hills Engineering’s logistics robot ‘Robot’ is an AI-based autonomous driving logistics robot that autonomously drives based on vision computing technology and 3D lidar sensor. Through the camera located at the top of the ‘robot’, it recognizes its position and obstacles while comparing the surrounding images with the existing images stored in the DB. In addition, it is possible to run following the operator, and in the case of the tracking function, the vision system recognizes a specific operator through color and shape and moves after the operator.

In particular, Hill’s Engineering has demonstrated its capabilities in the industry with the ‘world’s first all-in-one multi-functional autonomous logistics robot’ that has multiple functions such as autonomous driving, people tracking technology, and shuttle functions installed in a single robot. is recognized

Hills Engineering CEO Park Myung-gyu said, “The AI ​​logistics robot robot will greatly contribute to the improvement of the efficiency of the Yesbi Anseong Hive Center. We can get the job done faster.”

He also said, “I hope that the operation of the smart fulfillment center will be accelerated through the signing of an agreement with IO&Co Korea, and through this agreement, we will use this agreement as an opportunity to accumulate technological capabilities and lay the foundation for further growth.”

Taehwan Huh, head of the research center at IO&Co Korea, said, “Through the signing of an agreement with Hills Engineering, we expect to be a stepping stone for the rapid growth of our partner brands by strengthening our status as a smart fulfillment center and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of logistics services.” said.

In December 2021, the company received the Robot Technology Award from the Korean Society of Robotics in recognition of its advanced technology for the development of the robot industry and its contribution as a Korean robot company in the global robot market. It also won the Design Winners Service main prize. In addition, at the end of last year, Ventures
As it succeeded in attracting seed investment from fishermen, it was selected as a TIPS company in the robot field, and is emerging as a scale-up company in the small management industry.

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