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Hills Robotics, a tech company specializing in AI-based self-driving robots, is accelerating its offensive to target the global market after participating in CES 2023.

Recently, Hills Robotics opened the door to the U.S. procurement market. It has been selected as a designated healthcare provider (HSP45 bidding) by the Massachusetts Department of Health and has been eligible for six years to supply the $75 million Massachusetts procurement market.

The Ministry of Health selected Westcarb Enterprise.com as the main contractor, and 12 professional companies participated in the bidding as consortiums as sub-contractors. Hills Robotics applied for the robotics field and Coro-Bot, a quarantine robot, and Lo~Robot, a return robot, were selected as main contract products. As a result, it will be possible to continuously deliver to educational and medical institutions in Massachusetts in the future.

Massachusetts Department of Health officials and their main contractor, Westcop, expect the bidding to expand the business law to GSA, the U.S. federal procurement market, US Army, and US Air Force, the U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force. In particular, officials said the achievement would be a great opportunity for Hills Robotics, which won the CES Innovation Award three times.

An official from Hills Robotics said, “We have a very meaningful business opportunity to deliver robots through Westcop’s U.S. infrastructure in the Falmouth region and solve maintenance work for robots delivered through Furtness Solutions, which has jurisdiction over North America.”

As such, Hills Robotics’ global performance is expected to continue steadily after CES.

One of them is a supply contract with SODEXO (Sodexo), a world-renowned catering company for catering. Sodexo, the world’s second-largest catering company operating in 52 countries around the world, is a dinosaur company with business sales of 32 billion euros (about 60 trillion won) as of 2022.

Sodexo is negotiating with the weight of Hills Robotics’ technology and global infrastructure, which has suggested an effective AS Network for multinational uses scattered around the world.

Sodex gave a big score to the technology of Hills Robotics, which won the CES Innovation Award, and if the final supply contract with Sodexo, which is currently under discussion, is completed, Hills Robotics will gain great momentum in exporting robots to overseas markets, according to a Hills Robotics.

In addition to the ongoing contract, Hills Robotics has also succeeded in targeting various global markets and achieved results.

Ghenus Bio, which has a business base in California, USA, has supplied quarantine robots to educational institutions, hospitals, and medical facilities in the western United States.

The area mainly dealt with solutions to floor conditions of consumer institutions using carpet, battery replacement methods, and country of origin issues, and Hills Robotics was proudly selected as a supplier by offering solutions.

In addition, through close cooperation with the Asia Pacific Assistant Robot Association (APARA), a Singapore-based ASEAN Pacific robot business consultation body, business cooperation is being carried out with many demand companies, especially in the ASEAN region, where robot non-certified countries are showing various results.

As part of this, the export of robot is already continuing through Indonesian partner Thrive, the first overseas export result in November last year.

In addition, various discussions are being held with AZ Group, a representative group in Cambodia, to launch joint ventures and localize robot production of industrial robots and service robots, and to localize robot production, AZ Group is currently planning a new technology-intensive high-tech industrial complex including robots of about 300,000 pyeong. Through this, he plans to visit Pangyo Techno Valley, where Hills Robotics is located, in the first half of this year.

An official from Hills Robotics said, “We are working closely with our local partner, WD Global Express, to develop a more active export market in North America, which has been struggling to enter overseas markets due to robot certification issues.”

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