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Hills Robotics Wins First 3rd Consecutive CES Innovation Award in Robotics

source : https://www.wowtv.co.kr/NewsCenter/News/Read?articleId=A202211220289&t=NN

Hills Robotics, a robot tech company, announced on the 22nd that it will receive the CES2023 Innovation Award.

It is the first Korean robot industry to win three consecutive innovation awards.

In the past, Hills Robotics received the Innovation Award for quarantine robots, and this award is “Hi-bot” created in cooperation with KAIST URL Research Institute. It is an AI-based intelligent self-driving high-tech robot that applies the latest patented technology of KAIST URL, ‘Hierarchical structure-based high-precision map production technology using a low-end two-dimensional laser scanner (hereinafter referred to as Hybrid SLAM).

In engineering, Hibot also won the world’s first metaverse non-face-to-face conference support function using ▲ stereoscopic hologram technology ▲ contactless touch screen method, and disease prevention function using plasma air prevention function ▲ innovative function and technological differentiation.

Finally, it is a multi-functional mobile platform with built-in AI and SLAM-based autonomous driving intelligent platform ‘SOLOMANTM’, so it can be used efficiently in various environments. The software name “SOLOMANTM” means “Solution on Demand” and is a customized platform designed to meet various needs of customers.

In addition, Hi-Bot is an artificial intelligence-based quarantine, docent, and guidance robot with both sterilization and air cleaning functions considering various indoor environments and customer tastes.

Park Myung-kyu, CEO of Hills Robotics, said, “Hills Robotics was recognized by NICE Technology Evaluation in November this year, and won the CES Innovation Award three times in a row,” adding, “We will continue to open the door to full-fledged exports at CES 2023 in Las Vegas next year.”

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