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Hills Robotics expands overseas robot business
'Winning CES Innovation Award for 3 consecutive years'

source : https://www.etnews.com/20230110000057

Hills Robotics will sign a robot supply contract with a global food material company and expand its smart agriculture and robotics business.

Hills Robotics announced on the 10th that it exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for robotics business cooperation with Gint, a smart agricultural solution company, and Link Solution, a smart factory company, at CES 2023 held in Las Vegas from the 5th to the 8th (local time). Along with these companies, Hills Robotics will use its artificial intelligence (AI)-based autonomous driving platform ‘Solomon TM’ for agriculture and factory automation.

Hills Robotics also signed a contract to supply robots with Sodexo, a large global food material supplier, at CES 2023. The two companies discussed ways to collectively purchase Hills Robotics products for logistics and quarantine robots to be used in public institutions, medical facilities, and nursing wards.

Hills Robotics is planning to cooperate with global companies such as Bosch in Germany, NEC in Japan, and Canon in the robotics field. In addition to North America, which requires UL certification, India, the Philippines, and Thailand have also received requests for distributor qualifications for robot exports.

Earlier, Hills Robotics won the AI and Robotics Innovation Award for ‘Hi-bot’ in cooperation with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) This is the third time Hills Robotics has won the CES Innovation Award.

Park Myung-kyu, CEO of Hills Robotics, said, “It is an honor to win the CES Innovation Award for the third consecutive year following the recognition of ‘TI-2’, the highest technology grade that venture companies can receive as a startup in the early stages of start-up.”

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