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Hills Robotics 'co-operates' with Cambodia's AZ Group to export robots

source : http://www.engjournal.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=2385

Hills Robotics, an AI-based autonomous robot technology company, is accelerating its wave offensive to target the global market with its participation in CES 2023.

Recently, Hills Robotics launched a robot as an autonomous logistics robot at KoMAT 2023, an automation exhibition in the Korean logistics industry, and signed an agreement with AZ Group, a leading Cambodian conglomerate, to export its brand robot to Cambodia.

AZ Group, which has strengths in the security industry, construction industry, and BEMS, and is considered one of Cambodia’s leading conglomerates, is recently known to be very interested in new industries represented by the AI and robot industries.

Through this discussion, the two companies decided to export self-driving robots and service robot Hi-Bots to the ASEAN region, including the Cambodian market, which is still in its infancy.

In particular, Khoy Dara, CEO of AZ Group’s new business headquarters, visited Hills Robotics’ headquarters in Pangyo to recognize Hills Robotics’ robot platform technology confirmed by winning the CES 2023 Innovation Award and promised to actively cooperate in the future.

Meanwhile, Hills Robotics’ move toward overseas markets is already gaining momentum, starting with its entry into the procurement market in the eastern United States at the beginning of the year.

It has been designated as an official supplier for the robot sector in the healthcare sector (HSP45 bidding) by the State Health Ministry in Massachusetts, USA, and has acquired a $75 million designated supplier qualification for six years.

It is then negotiating with Sodexo, a French global catering company that has entered 52 countries overseas, to export autonomous robots to workplaces such as educational and medical facilities in the eastern U.S.

An official from Hills Robotics said, “The first export is expected to begin around October this year when the acquisition of the UL mark, a prerequisite for the Americas, is completed.”

In addition, Hills Robotics has supplied quarantine robots from Ghenus Bio, a business base in California, to educational institutions, hospitals, and medical facilities in the western United States.

As part of business cooperation, about 50 units will be exported this year through Thrive, an Indonesian partner that was exported for the first time in November last year, and Robots are expected to continue to be exported through cooperation between the two companies.

Hills Robotics CEO Park Myung-kyu said, “Hills Robotics has recently attracted pre-A investment from a number of VCs other than the Small and Medium Business Venture Promotion Corporation. This is a result of Hills Robotics’ diversification of overseas robot exports.”

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